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Your tone of voice when you asked about the ball...
25-Apr-2022 01:13:53

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19-Jul-2024 04:45:54

Simon, I thought it was funny the way you asked about the ball with a tone of humour and despair!

There were so many insights in this episode!

-All this time I thought the wooden ball had some Irish mythology meaning...and it was just a wooden ball! I used to think that maybe it was painted gold, because of how it looks in picture of the ball alone in the album booklet. I still don't know why the ground under the ball looks so light compared to the rest of the ground. Not sure if that was a lighting technique or if they put sand underneath!

-I never realised the photographers had made a circle out of dirt. I always wondered what that texture was!

-It was interesting to learn that they wanted to give the band gritty pictures to offset how wholesome they were.

-I also hadn't realised that so much money/resources had been put into the launch of the band - such as, having these big name photographers shoot them. Given that the photos look so natural and effortless, and it was their first album, I had always assumed that it was a bit more low budget. How wrong I was!

-One other thing I would like to know is - was there any meaning to the paisely pattern overlay on the album cover? Or is that just some texture that the record company's designer decided to try?

Thanks for all your work on this, it's been so cool to hear all the back stories!

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