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Fascinating interview. Thank you for all your work to schedule interviews and produce CorrsCast.
26-Jun-2022 18:10:49

CorrsClub Time:
09-Dec-2023 14:13:25

The CorrsCast series is certainly a treasure to us fans by telling these previously-untold stories from the perspective of the people that played a part in helping the Corrs achieve their worldwide success. Thank you, Baxterianism, for your persistence in getting this interview scheduled and for the classy way you conducted it (and all your other interviews as well). You've done us a great service.

I'm grateful to Jason Flom for being open to giving the band a listen all those years ago and for where he took the Corrs from that point forward. He deserves a lot of credit for what he made possible. I'm forever grateful that these amazing, odds-defying circumstances happened to get this talented band to the notice of the right people like Jason Flom. That is not to forget, of course, that none of it would have happened if the Corrs and John Hughes had not put themselves forward bravely with full knowledge that very likely they might be turned away and rejected.

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