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Some help
17-Sep-2022 17:40:37

CorrsClub Time:
20-Jun-2024 08:28:47

YT uploads are often plagued by lack of information and worse misinformation.
This one has perplexed me ever since I saw it.
First it is a pretty bad performance. Andrea appears to have been struggling with flu or head cold etc.
The whole band is struggling to get through it.

Then there is the venue.
Being from NY and fairly knowledgeable of every place they could appear, this one is a mystery.
My best guess is it is some sort of private/party or perhaps an industry gathering.
Andrea’s noting congratulation ps on their success etc.

The audience seems unengaged. This couldn’t possibly be a Corrs show.
The venue seems to be a hotel ballroom?

Anyway if someone here has any answers or suggestions (is this really 2000 etc).
I’d appreciate it.

I am gathering some thoughts on the Corrs and North America. Which I will share.

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