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I remember someone saying that this was a private event of some kind
18-Sep-2022 05:08:40

CorrsClub Time:
07-Dec-2023 07:49:19

Probably some kind of corporate post-banquet entertainment, or a conference/meeting? They played Breathless and At Your Side, so this must have been during the In Blue era -- 2000 sounds about right. At this time the band was near the height of their popularity in the US, so they must have been paid well in order to get them to play a one-off gig so far away from home, so a corporate gig seems most plausible.

It does seem like Andrea was ill or just off her game for some reason. Her vocals in this time period were almost always flawless otherwise.

The venue does seem odd. Is it outdoors or indoors? I can't easily tell.

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