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I knew nothing about this, but the performance might have been connected with LAUNCH magazine
24-Sep-2022 02:12:21

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07-Dec-2023 09:36:42

I did some research and found that the Corrs were a small part of Issue #45, which it appears came out around October 2000. Perhaps they were giving this live performance as part of the endeavors of this music entertainment magazine.

According to the website Discogs, Audio clip #15 had at least parts of "Breathless," "All the Love in the World," and " Irresistible" (see

Launch Magazine was a paid subscription CD-ROM service available to consumers distributed in about the late 1990s and early 2000's that introduced new music to the American public. Each edition on CD-ROM would contain new music; new songs from established musicians and artists; interviews with band members; and also introductions to new computer games. I read an eBay listing, and the seller states that the music on the CD-ROM are not fragments of songs.

I do recall reading that Andrea suffered an ear infection around the time of the release of In Blue, and it caused the cancellation of some of the promotion of the album in the States. I think that might have been in 2001, though.

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