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Waltzing away
13-Oct-2022 21:35:17

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19-Jul-2024 05:01:41

First, to my ears, “Runaway” is not a very good candidate for a waltz.
I wonder if the reason it was selected for this dance competition is it allows for a looser interpretation.
A “tighter” 3/4 waltz would be less forgiving for the dancers.

I think the song was likely written on piano. Possibly an acoustic guitar. The notation makes sense as 6/8 time.
One can “get” a 3/4 within the 6/8 and certainly a waltz….the tempo which has nothing to do with time signature is critical.
Jimi Hendrix’ manic depression is a very strict 3/4 and I would hate to waltz to it…especially at my age! lol

You raise some really interesting points. I was just (for fun) comparing Caroline and Jason drumming and I originally thought they had different approaches to the same songs. Turns out Jason really doesn’t deviate from Caroline’s original parts. However they sound different! It is really technique and style differences I am hearing. For example “Radio”. Caroline is a very aggressive authoritative “hitter” Jason is very smooth sometimes slightly behind the beat and less driving. Curiously the parts they each play are almost identical but sound so different. What started this was Jason’s “Radio” (Montreaux ‘04) through my ears put a lovely fox trot in my head. It is very silky and danceable. Caroline is more driving (she does add a nice shuffle) but less fluid.
Would love tour thoughts!

“Runaway” is a beautiful song and that 6/8 opens it to interpretive playing. Style and accent can turn it into a waltz worthy rhythm. It’s that compound rhythm “thing” and there’s a lot going on between the right and left hand on the keys and how the notes/chords are picked out on guitar. The bass is interesting because it does not adhere to a strict tempo nor does the drums plus bodhran.
I can see hearing a 3/4 within that 6/8.

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