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The Q&A session is much more appealing to me than the Meet and Greet
16-Nov-2022 01:00:31

CorrsClub Time:
07-Dec-2023 09:45:46

Usually at a Meet and Greet, you don't have much opportunity to have any kind of substantial conversation. You can say hi how are you and take a photo, but not much more than that. But the Corrs are doing an audience Q&A session at this gig, which I would find much more appealing. I would love to have the chance to ask all four of them a question about their songwriting process, for instance. I'm not sure if I would pay $550 to do so, though.

Wendy, don't you work for a radio station or something like that? Can you get your employer to send you to interview the band? I guess if that were possible you would have thought of it already.

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