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Meet (a very brief encounter) and greet
18-Nov-2022 18:04:06

CorrsClub Time:
07-Dec-2023 09:23:55

Meet and greet is IMOP a chance to briefly ( usually less than thirty seconds) pose with an artist and get a photo/selfie, say hello and I love your work etc.
A quick exchange of pleasantries with your favorite “star.” At best.

The Q and A session is interesting. A few people may get to ask a question (the fun part) and listen to the band interviewed by a (hopefully) good professional interviewer.

There are umpteen interviews good bad and ugly with the Corrs in print and on line.
What is possibly left that there is know about them?
And whatever that may be, I doubt you’ll get a satisfactory answer in any of the above settings!

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