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19-Nov-2022 10:47:30

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07-Dec-2023 07:43:55

JohnLnyc asked what questions I might want to ask of the Corrs. Here are a few, which I'm pretty sure have not been asked in any interview I've seen (not all on songwriting):


How do you go about choosing a producer? What qualities do you look for?

Do you typically write chords first, melody first, or words first?

It's interesting that you have used special opening numbers rather than just opening with a regular song. For the WL tour, you had a drum solo to open; for the single 2017 RAH gig, you had a piano solo that sounded almost like Bach. How do you create these gig openers?

for Andrea and Sharon: Do you write songs differently for yourself as a solo artist, compared to songs you write for the band?

for Sharon: It sounded like you were playing more double stops on JC. Since there were fewer keyboards/synths on this album, were you essentially filling that role on violin?

for Caroline: during the long hiatus, did you still play drums? Was it hard to get back up to speed? After the hiatus, you played some new beats that did not sound like anything I’d heard you play before (e.g., Butter Flutter has a syncopated hi-hat, Season of Our Love is also quite syncopated). Were you consciously trying to play something different on the new albums?

You’re all siblings. Do you all fight a lot on tour? (Just kidding, I think that’s been asked before… once or twice.)


These are just off the top of my head. I'm sure I could come up with dozens more if I thought about it.

By the way, I actually did interview Sharon when she was in my area during her 2014 US tour. You can read it here:

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