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I'm a bit late to the party but... I'd be all over the meet and greet / Q&A.
28-Nov-2022 14:03:43

CorrsClub Time:
07-Dec-2023 09:14:00

It's not something you're that likely to do very often, and it'll be something you'd regret not doing if you had the opportunity to.

I will say though, whilst I'm a fan of a lot of bands, The Corrs are probably the only ones I'd do this for (and I say this having passed up the opportunity to do similar back stage meet and greet + sound check for Garbage a couple of times, as they sell this as a ticket option). If The Corrs did it at each gig, that'd be something I'd have to pick and choose wisely, both for my bank account, and sanity! :D


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