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Thanks Steve.
02-Dec-2022 23:24:59

CorrsClub Time:
14-Jul-2024 06:01:45

Agree Steve. The sound system will always emphasize bass when recorded from the speakers.
Likely more balanced when you are there in the audience or recorded from the mixing board.
The Corrs had a system designed for them back in the day.
They actually went for a rock or even metal sound.

Interestingly, Yamaha still lists Caroline but there’s a notation “to be announced” on her link on their site.
Obviously, there is a deal in the works.
I have never heard of an artist blocking out a logo though…endorsement deal or not.
Many artists do not have endorsements and use the equipment they like without being paid.
Endorsements…especially for drummers are helpful because you have access to techs and equipment
on the road.

Something definitely going on there. Probably because Caroline was not performing for quite a while.

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