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Wonderful! Loved hearing these first-person accounts of the Hope Estate gig
07-Dec-2022 04:43:48

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04-Mar-2024 23:47:14

This was terrific, as usual. I have to admit that when I first saw the running time (1:55), my first thought was, "This episode is longer than the actual gig. Is there that much to talk about?" But by the time I got near the end, I wanted it to keep going. (I for one would have been happy to hear an in-depth discussion on every single song they played.)

Also, I worked with Wendy quite extensively on the board's cover version of Harmony, and of course I have heard you sing. But I realized that I have never heard you speak until now. I think when I read people's posts on the board, I have a mental image of what each person sounds like, but I've never actually heard anyone on the board talk until hearing the podcast.

I am happy to report that through your podcast, I have now learned the answer to several of my most burning Corrs questions:

1) Who came up with the idea for the rhythmic shift near the end of Runaway? (answer: one of the engineers, I forgot his name)

2) Who came up with the raised note in the violin part near the end of Runaway? (Jim)

3) Is Runaway in 3/4 or 6/8? (Caroline says 6/8, although I still think it's 3/4. But I think she is counting 6/8 half as fast as I am, which would mean we actually do agree.)

My other big question about the FNF album is who came up with the idea for the extended coda that ends Love to Love You, and how do you know which songs need a coda with new material, and which do not? Hoping I can learn that answer in a future episode smile.gif

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