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Its actually quite nice now to be able to sit back and relax over all of these announcements.
08-Dec-2022 10:28:27

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17-Apr-2024 02:26:13

As a keen fan many years ago I'd be frantic with trying to get info on venues, presales...etc. It was a lot more difficult 20 years ago when the band, their agents and promoters gave very little info on forthcoming gigs, we were left to our own methods of finding out through contacts and websites like Corrsonline and Corrboard. I actually missed the famous Lansdowne Road concert because it had virtually no promotion outside of Ireland, but I could easily have attended if I'd known about it.

The other big issue which was a major headache was ticket presales. You had to be an Amex, Visa or Mastercard holder depending on venue to be able to access these. Even then there was the problem of promoters selling the first row to VIPs and their mates..... infuriating.

Buying tickets online using an old dial-up internet connection required a lot of skill, going on at 8.50 am for a 9.00 am start and constantly refreshing the page....

The other option was to buy a 'banker' ticket early on, then try to get a better one as the days went by, finally resorting to Ebay when all else had failed. American venues in particular had seasonal seat holders, people who would buy themselves good seats at a venue for the whole year..... they would then go to the gigs they were interested in but 'sell the seat' to the highest bidder if they themselves didn't want to attend. Many were theTransatlantic phone calls I made in the middle of the night to a seller or the venue itself to get a front row centre seat.

I far prefered standing gigs because that took a lot of pressure off the ticket buying process, but it did entail frequent sprints across parks or football pitches to 'get down the front'. The downside of course was having to wait for hours outside the venue until the gates opened and the mad rush began !

I'm too old for all that nonsense now so am amused to see the activity around this current release of info for next year's Aussie gigs.

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