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Some comments on Long Night
14-Dec-2022 07:08:37

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13-Jul-2024 10:16:46

First, BallerinaTay's vocals are absolutely brilliant. I think she perfectly captures the right wistful feeling of the lyrics but without sounding overly maudlin, and also without copying Andrea. And let me also point out the backing vocals, which are easy to miss if you're focusing on the melody. Listen to how rich the backing vocals sound in the last chorus, for instance, starting at 2:54. BallerinaTay did a tremendous job not just of singing all these parts, but also learning them by ear, as we did not have sheet music for the backing vocals.

For our first cover version, Harmony, we stuck very closely to the original arrangement. This time, I for one took some small liberties with the keyboard parts. One thing I never noticed until we did this is that the Corrs play at least three slightly different arrangements of Long Night. There is the album version, the live version from the BH tour (as heard in the Live in Geneva DVD), and the acoustic version heard on the BH EPK. The keyboard parts in the chorus are very slightly different, and the acoustic version has an extra piano part when most of the instruments drop out in the middle of the song. I played a combination of all of these versions, and also made some small changes of my own. For instance, the piano part under the vocals at 2:42. is inspired by Jim's piano part in the EPK version, but very slightly different. I also added, for instance, a barely audible two-note rising and falling piano motif under the verses (listen for the high piano rising at 0:12 and falling at 0:18).

Alejandro did a terrific job on the video. I particularly like the shot of Andrea swinging at 2:15, which I think fits the music in an unexpected way.

Terry, I'd love to hear how you went about playing the guitar parts. Did you stick closely to the original, or did you change some things?

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