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Wow! That was very enlightening. I loved hearing the demos, too.
30-Dec-2022 22:01:27

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13-Jul-2024 10:57:30

A fascinating interview. I understand so much more about how the activities surrounding the making of The Commitments film impacted the career of the Corrs. I had no prior clue about the amount of intense effort and support that went into the creation of these demos used to shop around for a record deal. I've always enjoyed demos and how hearing them gives one a greater insight into the creative process. In earlier times at least, these recordings would make wonderful "B-sides" to a single release.

Right after listening to Episode 11, I listened to the entire "CorrsCast - One night only in Australia - Concert discussion special," and I enjoyed hearing the stories told about the Hope Estate concert and the Q&A session. I am pleased that it went so well for Francisco, who traveled so far from Mexico to be there. It is encouraging and gratifying to hear how Francisco, Wendy and Rachel extended kindnesses towards each other as fans to make their experiences even better.

Excellent work again, Simon! The CorrCast series is truly an exceptional and valuable resource for fans of the Corrs, providing so much new knowledge about the band and their history.

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