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Not bad at all, Jerry!
03-Jun-2023 18:21:40

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17-Apr-2024 01:19:30

You've done well!

Those Americans that learned of the Corrs early are not in my predicament, but otherwise in recent years it has required a major travel commitment. I understand it, though. I'm not expecting or counting on them to come to the States.

My full awareness regarding the Corrs began in late summer 2004, only weeks after they performed in California in 2004. I think they were "Caroline-less" when they were here. When I realized that I had just missed their visit, I thought to myself, "No worries, I'll catch 'em next time they're here." I was - as Hank Williams sings - "just in time to be too late."

Much earlier I had actually been hearing "Breathless" playing in the background on a co-worker's radio at my workplace, but, not hearing it very loudly, I had assumed that it was a Shania Twain song. I learned later that there was perhaps some reason for this assumption based on the involvement of "Mutt" Lange in the recording. If only I had just paid more attention!

The reason that I didn't catch any of their music on MTV or VH1 was because, by the mid-1990's, I had reached the point of being completely disillusioned with the pop music coming out in America. My belated discovery of the Corrs and my interaction with other Corrs fans gave me a revival of faith in music.

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