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Sharon's gig prices
09-Oct-2023 06:09:07

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17-Apr-2024 02:58:43

dave wrote:
"Sharon however has done many small gigs over the years at fair prices"

I saw her during her Same Sun tour in a very small theater in Philadelphia. I think this was 2014. The price was US $28 (about 26.50 euros by today's exchange rate) for a front row seat, which I think included a service charge. This was not only a fair price, I'm surprised she could even turn a profit charging so little. The venue was quite small (I'd guess 500 people at most), and she has to pay her band, her crew, her management, and the venue, plus transportation to and within the USA. If the entire gig is grossing somewhere around US $15,000, how much is Sharon taking home -- a few thousand dollars a night? Clearly it's a labor of love for her.

I'm also curious how much money her band makes. It must be tough to be a working musician unless you are in the upper echelon.

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