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I secretly wished it could be a Groundhog Day situation so I could relive the show again and again and again and again.
03-Nov-2023 15:08:21

CorrsClub Time:
16-Apr-2024 15:36:19

the band just sounded sonically so so good. and all the vocals were on point. I seriously am so thankful to worship a band that pays such attention and care to their craft to put on one hell of a perfect show.

some highlights included a cute moment after Anto Drennan's guitar solo in Little Wing where Andrea just completely forgot she had to sing as she was too busy enjoying his performance lol.

Andrea talking in detail about how their parents almost moved to Australia, so theres an alternate universe where they still became a band, just with Aussie accents...then forgot the reason she told that story was to introduce the migrant song Ellis Island.

Andrea's vocal strength and ability, Sharon's elegance with the violin and Caroline's energy were absolutely awe-inspiring, as always.

and the encore started with a Runaway slow dance, to a Breathless dance number to a full on Toss The Feathers knees up that somehow topped last year's at the Hunter Valley!

How lucky are we to have these wonderful people as the soundtrack to our lives. :D

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