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Andrea singing Little Wing and other comments on the latest CorrsCast episode
05-Nov-2023 04:27:06

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16-Apr-2024 16:35:53

Great episode as always, Simon. It's interesting hearing about the business side of things, which I know little about. It's clear that it takes a lot of people to help make an album successful.

One request: would it be possible to raise the volume a bit when you are master these episodes? I usually listen when I am driving, and when I am driving on a highway, it is sometimes hard to hear the voices even with my stereo turned up to full volume.

I agree with Yrisea that Andrea's vocal on Little Wing near the end of the episode does not sound like her at all. It doesn't sound like her voice, or her singing style or phrasing. If I had heard that clip out of context, I would not have realized it was the Corrs.

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