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More on Andrea sounding strange on Little Wing
05-Nov-2023 04:43:35

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16-Apr-2024 15:43:39

As Yrisea said, the vocal on Little Wing (at about 1 hour 10 minutes into the episode) does not sound like Andrea all to me.

It sounds too high to me, which Yrisea also thought. I wonder if the audio has been sped up, either intentionally or not? The recording on CorrsCast is about one full step higher than the one on the TOC album. Here's the album version for comparison:

However, it is not an *exact* full step higher. It's slightly out of tune, falling between the notes of a piano. This makes me strongly suspect that it has been sped up. It seems unlikely that the band would have played it out of tune intentionally; this would require re-tuning all of their instruments. So that is my guess as to why it does not sound like Andrea.

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