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They played a few songs from Home on this occasion in 2005
05-Nov-2023 14:51:05

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16-Apr-2024 15:51:46

It was a concert in France for the radio RTL
The video is in terrible quality because downgraded by youtube but also because ripped from the live feed of the radio which broadcasted it live on their website iirc, at a time when youtube was probably not yet a thing in France (or anywhere).

From interviews I recently dug out, they had planned to do a whole tour for Home with an orchestra. They would have played some of the Home album songs unplugged-style. This is a taster of what the band intended to do for Home.
It never happened in the end, and I can only surmise this is because Caroline had two very very young toddlers, and Sharon was pregnant around that time and planning to have more kids after this one as she was nearing 40 and as she said herself, her biological clock was ticking. So Home never happened, Andrea did her solo album sometimes shortly after (2006/2007), got married herself and it would be a long 10 years wait before we would see the band reunited and a new album out (2015).
There must be a few other promo videos the band did for Home around that time (2005).

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