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I think I solved the "mystery" so to speak...
05-Nov-2023 15:21:01

CorrsClub Time:
16-Apr-2024 15:45:48

Here's the exact snippet used, I believe, by Simon on the podcast :

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I suppose it is this one, from the live in Hamburg that Andy Murray mentioned on the show. Digging a little bit in my archive files, I realised I had it in there - very similar to the live in Tokyo 1996 but the audio is not of great quality.
( Btw, it's a shame we never got any DVD for the FNF tour ! The 1996 Point show or National Stadium one could have been great to create a nice DVD for the tour).

This is at the correct speed, I have no idea why it was seemingly sped up in the podcast's snippets. That's why it sounded weird :D

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