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Sorry for the triple message (it's a shame we can't edit messages), just to clarify...
05-Nov-2023 15:50:21

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21-May-2024 09:26:57

...I'm not saying Simon did something wrong with the file or anything. The whole Live in Hamburg sounds weird, the audio is pretty poor quality (Andy Murray talked about it in the show), even the snippet I posted straight from the ripped CD still makes Andrea's voice sounds odd. I quickly scanned the whole CD and as far as I can tell, this is the only song on which this happens - whatever it is. Something must have gone wrong between recording and processing of the file. The slowed version I posted earlier sounds closer to Andrea's usual voice imo.
Quite the mind bending topic for sure! I'm glad Steve confirmed it sounded odd to him too, I freak out about losing my quality of hearing. So at least I know nothing is wrong with my ears T.T X)

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