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I love Home as well
05-Nov-2023 19:39:00

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16-Apr-2024 17:13:17

I love the clean acoustic sound of the album, as well as the lovely melodies and arrangements (especially Jim's piano playing, which is more prominent on this album). My Lagan Love and Buachaill On Eirne are two of my all-time favorite Corrs songs.

The band often plays acoustic version of their songs live, but what makes Home stand out for me is that the songs are acoustic but still have drums (played mostly by session musician Matt Chamberlain). I never understood why Caroline plays cajon or bodhran instead of drums during the band's acoustic sets -- after all, the drum kit is an acoustic instrument. For me, the arrangements lose some of their depth with cajon instead of drums; the sound seems more thin. So I especially like Home because it has the sound of their acoustic sets but combined with the beat that only a dum kit can provide.

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