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05-Nov-2023 21:08:53

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Firstly thanks for listening!

You mentioned a Spanish version of the EPK, what is it ? Is there a version with questions that don't appear in the one we all know ?

This was the same EPK footage and questions yet it also contains a brief further Q&A from 1997 and then all the music videos for both FNF and TOC albums. Nothing new as such but was great to see Andy's purpose of it being able to be used in pieces with subtitles for distribution in different regions.

- Why were Andrea and Caroline laughing at one of the questions on the EPK !!!??? Haha I was thinking you might ask the question but it really is a small tiny 2 seconds in the video ^^ I always wondered!

That is something I sadly didn't think to ask Andy at the time of interview. I'm assuming there were plenty of mistakes made after a long day. Amusing for sure and if I get the chance I'll ask Andy and follow back up to let you know.

- Is the date indicated on the EPK script the correct one (November 1995)? It's odd considering it's been confirmed in numerous interviews that Keith and Antho were already playing with other bands/artists until the end of 1995 and weren't free until at least February 1996 for Keith and March or April for Antho IIRC. In the interview, they do mention them in the lineup so it does not seem to add up. Were they already engaged with the band by early November 1995 ? That seems odd but interesting nonetheless.

I'm 100% convinced the date is correct. In Andy's documents there was also the full financial records of the EPK being budgeted and the sign off by those that held the purse strings as well as the booking records for the venue. While I can't speak to why other interviews may have a differing dates, I'm convinced by the paper trail so far.

- Do you plan your interview guests well in advance ? I was wondering if it might be interesting to get in touch with the Australian branch of Warner that helped champion the Corrs in Australia for FNF. I have found very old billboard articles where this is discussed thoroughly. Chrissie Camp, Chris Hanlon and Michael Coppel were quoted in the interview.

I plan interviews or at least focus on a certain areas to explore months in advance and then work with the guest on what might be possible and any perceived delay in getting an episode released is waiting for the guest to be free enough to dig out anything they may still have to jog memories etc. My list is huge but I have tried to focus on the creative process of the music as much as possible (mainly because that's the part I find the most interesting and rewarding)

I may reach out to do an Australian specific focus because of popularity in the future. Thank you for this thoughtful recommendation!

I really appreciate the time you've taken to write your well informed questions and it's great to know that others are listening with enthusiasm.

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