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thank you very much Simon
05-Nov-2023 21:54:49

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16-Apr-2024 16:47:04

Really appreciate the time you took to answersmile.gifThis is so nice of you!

The EPK was such clever idea from Andy. He seemed to get the Corrs better than his US counterparts. I wonder what other promo stuff are lying around unearthed.

It is so interesting about Keith and Anto! That means they were definitely engaged with The Corrs by October or November 1995 (we can assume October), and they did not start rehearsing until March the following year. It's true in both interviews they talked about something happening almost 30 years prior so memories must be a bit fuzzybiggrin.gif

The creative process is fascinating. I'd love to have more insights into the band's very early writing sessions in Dundalk (Andrea touched up on that in her memoirs). As someone who started writing and composing because of the Corrs, I'm endlessly fascinated bout how we come to start this musical journey, what are the triggers and how do you get to a first finished product (demo song). That very first time when you finally get something that sounds like an actual song is the most incredible feeling to me. I'm curious to know what that was like for the band.
I like the Ciaran Tanham documentary where you see a kind of staged recording session in Dundalk (definitely done for promo purpose, not an actual one probably, where you can hear a snippet of "More Than More"). I' not surprised the band were hailed "local heroes" because they truly came from nothing before landing a record deal with Atlantic, which was nothing short of spectacular.
I'm equally fascinated by the promotion process. I always imagined this was something more organised and structured but turns out, art is not an exact science and promoting a band isn't either ! If you're lucky, you get a John Hughes and an Andy Murray by your side (and a hardworking band like The Corrs too). I like that you have explored this aspect thoroughly in the podcast.

Great episode and eagerly awaiting the next one whenever that comes outsmile.gifThank you!

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