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Very interesting to hear your thoughts on Home and acoustic settings Steve!
05-Nov-2023 23:04:35

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16-Apr-2024 16:27:59

I absolutely adore the ability The Corrs have of playing any of their song in a stripped, four-piece setting, what they used to do a lot more at their beginnings, especially circa 1995/1996/1997. I'm a sucker for that Borrowed Heaven acoustic EPK, I loved some of these so much I actually made myself a CD out of 20 of the Corrs' best performance of their own song, acoustic.It includes *that* Oh Holy Night cover, just the girls' angelic voices + Jim's piano.
I agree with you, Home is a pretty amazing album that strikes the right balance between big orchestra and intimate acoustic clean sound. The mastering is impressive.

I actually agree with you on the cajon thing! I'm not a fan of that instrument, the sound is so faint and kind of grating to my ears. I found it very underwhelming on Joy Of Life - I much prefer the version of Caroline on the drums, it's so energetic and almost cathartic towards the end.
I actually used to follow a drummer (Harry Miree) who also disliked the cajon so much that he started bringing a mini drumkit on stage when he had to do anything acoustic. It was effective though a bit comical because he used parts of kits made for kids and he is a 6-foot something tall dude, trying to fit behind a tiny kit (talk about having precision!) .

I'd much prefer the bodhran for anything acoustic - the sound is not overwhelming but loud enough that you can really hear the beat. It was very smart of Caroline to use it a lot in their early days - so unusual, eye-catching and somewhat memorable, with the name of the band displayed on it too.

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