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07-Nov-2023 06:26:35

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21-Jul-2024 02:21:22

Nostalgic bangers Forgiven, Not Forgotten and So Young sat alongside a break for Irish dance and several artfully done covers, including a four-to-the-floor house-inflected cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams that ached for a dancefloor instead of the sensible rows of floor seating Rod Laver Arena provided. With the energy way up in the rafters, they closed with I Never Loved You Anyway – and encored with Runaway and Breathless.

Polished, playful, slightly anarchic without losing professionalism, youthful despite the years. The Corrs sound amazing. They look amazing. As an ethnically Irish person past the point of no return myself, I can only assume The Corrs have a haunted painting in an attic somewhere. A very good time.

Reviewed by Liam Pieper

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