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That's a sweet video! I've always liked "Judy" (and the concept of the "Non Album Bonus Track")
19-Nov-2023 17:06:11

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16-Apr-2024 16:41:55

Lovely performance by Sharon and Andrea, and their sisterly embrace at the end: what an "awwwww" moment.

It seems these days that many artists release "singles" that are merely early releases of a track identical to one of the tracks on the full album. The non-album bonus track would give listeners an extra incentive to buy the single. In the interests of full-disclosure, though: I first heard it as a track on the U.S. edition of In Blue.

By way of example, I always appreciated how singles by Roxette would often include something extra, either a non-album track or else Per Gessle's demo of the song before Marie Fredriksson added her beautiful lead vocals. I found the demos fascinating. Less appealing to me were the singles that came with different weirdly-named "dance-floor" remixes. I recently bought at the local record store a used copy of Paula Cole's "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" from 1997 that includes NINE different remixes! That was a little "overboard" but at least it was something more than just the album track.

"Judy" is a splendid track. The nearly cello-like violin has such a haunting quality that is a fitting lead-in to the verses of a song about an unhealthy, creepy sort of attraction!

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