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My own Expanded Best Of The Corrs track list. Any suggestions on additions?
15-Dec-2023 07:33:59

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19-Jun-2024 00:02:42

CD 1
1. Would You Be Happier?
2. So Young (K Klass Remix)
3. Runaway
4. Breathless
5. Haste To The Wedding (Live At Lansdowne Road)
6. Radio (MTV Unplugged)
7. Queen Of Hollywood
8. When The Stars Go Blue (VH1 Live In Dublin)
9. What Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix)
10. No Frontiers (Live At Lansdowne Road)
11. SOS
12. Angel
13. Old Town (Home Version)
14. I Know My Love
15. The Right Time
16. I Never Loved You Anyway
17. Irresistible
18. Erin Shore/ Forgiven, Not Forgotten

CD 2
1. Lough Erin Shore (MTV Unplugged)
2. Only When I Sleep
3. Long Night
4. Black Is The Colour
5. Love To Love You
6. Hit My Ground Running
7. All The Love In The World (Pop Remix)
8. Goodbye
9. Heart Like A Wheel
10. Everybody Hurts (MTV Unplugged)
11. Give Me A Reason
12. I Do What I Like
13. Summer Sunshine
14. Dreams
15. Bring On The Night
16. Make You Mine
17. Little Lies
18. Everywhere
19. Songbird

I feel they should have really updated the Best Of with their latest expanded release to include hits and fan favourites from their albums released after BOTC. So I've tried to get at least 1 track from each of their albums, and I've tried to stick to the 20 or under tracks per CD or else I would just have all their songs. Any suggestions to fill the 3 empty spots or do you think this edit is enough.

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