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Ticketmaster has details of presales and seating charts, unfortunately, they all look to be seated
06-Feb-2024 13:22:51

CorrsClub Time:
21-May-2024 09:28:25

Ireland presales seem to be related to the venue (SSE and Three+) so not useful to most of us, and MCD< which I just tried to sign up for, but didn't seem to work!

I expect the combination VIP tickets reserving the best seats and high ticket costs, it might be an awkward next 3 days for those trying to get tickets!!

Price wise, all I've found so far is Sheffield:

PRICE - £75.50, £91.95 & £108.95

So I assume those are likely prices for floor seating, further back floor and tiered seating.

But they also state:
"Our hospitality experiences include perks such as prime location seats, early entry and pre-show dinner"
and a cost of £270.
It's not clear to me if that is inclusive of, or plus the ticket (but since the ticket has a pence amount, I'd say it's plus...)
So the usual venues adding stuff you don't want or need like expensive meals and early entry to a seated arena, to get decent seats is at playsad.gif


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