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MCD emails on spam
06-Feb-2024 17:31:34

CorrsClub Time:
19-Jun-2024 01:29:24

The MCD wasn't working for me but found that emails were on the spam. It is not clear how to access presale but seems that it is via ticketmaster - I signed off for all the comms. Unfortunately the pre-sale tomorrow for Ireland is only for SSE customer and 3 customers - I am neither!

Hope it doesn't get to frustrating to get decent tickets - sometimes the promoters work that way. I am happy to pay a bit premium but not to have things like dinner, etc, which is terrible value for money...

If anyone has access to the pre-sale tomorrow would be good to know how it goes!

I am an OVO customer so can access to the Glasgow, but i can't make it to that event in Scotland so no use for me.


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