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Pre-sales, and general learnings from todays ticket buying!
07-Feb-2024 12:08:01

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21-May-2024 09:37:17

I have access to o2 Priority, so did some ticket buying this morning.
I hate ticket buying, it's so stressful!

Corrsgirl1 said:
>>So far I'm a bit confused about pre-sales.
It's just tickets going on sale before the sales "open to the public." They are a selection of the same tickets
I don't know how they select them, but as the gigs are assigned seats, anything sold today must take away from tomorrow's presale, and Fridays.
I expect it's a portion that went on sale today, a different portion tomorrow, and everything else Friday.

>>But I'll see. I'd like to get a general access ticket cause I prefer to stand and "dance" during shows
All gigs are seated, no standing tickets at all unfortunatelysad.gif

Prices and learnings from today.
Tickets are expensive.
As I thought, the better tickets seem to be reserved for VIP packages - and by VIP packages, I mean early entry, access to a bar, possibly a meal, not anything involving the band at all.
First and Second row seemed to be £200 under a VIP package.
The second tier seemed to cover the next few rows and cost £150

Non-VIP tickets, oddly seemed to cost more and were worse, so if you're looking, do look at both.
Ticketmaster will reserve you a ticket for 2 minutes, or you can give it up and ask for a different one.
I tried for Non-VIP and was offered a side block row 10 for £171
I then tried for a VIP and was offered centre block for 6 for £150!
Ticket allocation is random, if you have "best available" selected, you get what the website think is best.
I recommend looking for the other options and selecting "floor seating" as often the site thinks rows closer to the front of tiered seating is better than slightly further back floor seats.

General advice:
- Learn the blocks you want in advance, the names change, and I've seen premium prices for front row on the tiered seating which is around the side and seems crazy to me.

- Don't be afraid to release tickets and try for another unless it's a ticket you think is good enough.

- Go in with an idea of what you're happy with. For example, I wanted front 10 rows, centre block.
I'd take a row 2 or 3 over a front row side block in some venues, as over to the side sometimes is a limited view, but then sometimes knowing the seat numbers can help you not get an extreme end of row seat in a side block!

- You can use multiple browsers (Chrome and Edge for example or different devices) to do VIP and non VIP at the same time.
If you try to do 2 things in 1 browser, Ticketmaster will get confused and give you an error / you'll loose the tickets before the basket. I had a laptop, mobile and tablet on the go earlier, though I was trying for multiple gigs!

- Don't give up! After the initial sale, a couple of weeks later in my experience for other gigs anyway, Ticketmaster often make available a map where you can pick your seat and see the different prices, but of course this is only what ever is left. Obviously no guarantees. And much, much closer to the date, returns (or perhaps reserved for certain retailer) tickets may become available.

Good luck folks!!


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