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No, it's a 'Bridge Too Far' for me here in California
26-Feb-2024 23:51:12

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19-Jun-2024 00:12:52

I think about making the trip, but I cannot justify the expense. It's just too costly for me. The price of everyday groceries and other necessities keeps rising, making everything else harder to afford.

Therefore, through all these many years, I still have never seen the Corrs perform live. Honestly, I resigned myself long ago to the reality that I may never see them. I am happy for those who can: perhaps a little jealous, but happy. wink.gif

I never got to see the Eagles either even though they are one of my all-time favourite bands. At one time, the Eagles announced a concert within walking distance of my home. At exactly the moment that the ticket sales went live online, I couldn't get in on my computer. I kept hitting "F5 refresh, F5 refresh, F5 refresh (like Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajesh in that scene in Big Bang Theory where they're trying to get tickets to Comic-Con). After repeated futile attempts, a message came up only about two minutes later saying that the tickets were sold out.

Some things are not meant to be. One must be philosophical about such disappointments ("We
shall have to be philosophers, Mary."
) However, none of this means that I can't still enjoy the band and their music. I'm very happy that I became familiar with the Corrs and their music.

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