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Marit Larsen will be in New York on May 16th
19-Apr-2016 05:37:11

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I thought I would share at tweet here:

The band's in town and we're playing a show in NYC on May 16th. Hope to see you there!

— Marit Larsen (@larsenmarit) April 12, 2016 case anyone might have the chance this Norwegian singer/songwriter at the Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 3) in New York City.

Earlier this month, Marit Larsen released a folk-inspired five-track EP Joni Was Right, her first indie record on her own label HŚndbrygg Records ("Hand Brew"), named after her passion for coffee. Marit has said, ďStarting this label has been a long time coming. One of the biggest changes in this new life is that Iíll be able to release music how and when I want to, meaning more frequent releases and being able to release my records worldwide simultaneously. Geo-blocking simply does not belong in 2016.Ē So the EP is available digitally worldwide at iTunes and Amazon Music.

When she was 16, a friend gave her three Joni Mitchell albums: Blue, Court and Spark, and Ladies of the Canyon. "I fell in love with her almost immediately and for a year she was all I listened to. She had an enormous impact on the way I write music." Through the ups and downs of life, those three albums acted as the soundtrack to her journey. Joniís lyrics unfolded to her like the advice of an older sister, trying to guide her down the right path. The music helped her learn that we make our own decisions, and have to learn the tough lessons ourselves. Still, Marit would often find out in the end how Joni was right.

Marit was quick to add in an interview that the music on the new album isnít directly inspired by Mitchell, but "a mix of everything Iíve listen to and everything Iíve learned since I was a teenager." The final track, the piano-based "A Stranger Song" reminds me of some of the early 70's songs by writers like Carole King or maybe David Gates. It's a beautiful song.

The EP was recorded over just seven days with three musicians in a studio in the Faroe Islands as violent storms raged outside and hail and rain beat loudly against the window. "Every now and then we had to stop playing because of the weather, it made so much noise. That put even more time pressure on us when the weather was good. But I liked that, in a way thatís how the whole record was made. I gave myself plenty of restrictions, which is a good exercise."

"Running Out of Road"

"Morgan, I Might" (Live)

Out of her previous work, Marit Larsen has admitted that this song "Me and the Highway" is her most overtly Joni Mitchell-inspired song:

"Me and the Highway"

"Don't Move" is from her album Spark (2011):

In January, her album When The Morning Comes was released in the U.S. There's an article and interview HERE that appeared in connection with the U.S. release. There's even an secret alternate video to her song "Traveling Alone."

Here's a lovely video from 2008 that I only recently came across for "I've Heard Your Love Songs":

I hope someone gets to see her!

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