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Indian-Flamenco is not a combination I had ever heard before
08-Jan-2020 09:07:58

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19-Jul-2024 04:24:36

Steverino, I listened to the Traveller album that you mentioned. I know little about either Indian or Flamenco music, and had never even thought that the two could be combined. But I did enjoy listening to the music and watching the virtuosic performers.

It looks to me that in playing sitar, the performer plays mostly on a single string, moving his or her hand up and down that string. This is in contrast to guitar, where a lead guitarist often plays a single-line melody across several strings. I'd love to hear what the guitarists on this board think about how the sitar is played and how transferable the skills are from one instrument to another.

I watched the interview you included in your post, which was quite interesting. I had never heard her speak before, other than brief introductions of her songs or band members during a gig. Funny you should mention her accent. While I was listening to her talk, I was thinking that at times she sounds British, at other times American, and at other times neither. In this way she reminds me of Andrea, who sometimes sounds Irish, British, or even American.

Thanks for getting the OT Board back up and running, Steverino!

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