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Diederik Nomden (aka Nomden, aka Royal Parks) -- The Analogues
06-Sep-2022 08:22:14

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09-Dec-2023 14:40:13

To keep this board active as a place of discovery, I'd like to post a few tracks by an artist from the Netherlands named Diederik Nomden ( As a solo artist, he uses only his last name of Nomden (easier not to mispronounce?).

His solo music has a lot of the flavour of the 1970's singer-songwriters, which is something I appreciate. The track that I wish to share - which to me is very E.L.O.-like with also some Beatles influence - is called "Wastelands" and it's from an album released last year called Parallel Universe, which I bought from his web store:

In 2019, he released an album called Wingman Returns, which also has a lot of fine songs, including this one called "Carolina":

Going back a decade, he released a self-titled album using the artist name of 'Royal Parks' which I have and enjoy. Additionally, he is involved in a musical group called the Analogues. This band have dedicated themselves to live performances of the music of the Beatles, not aiming to look like the Beatles, but more at remaining as faithful as they can to the music from their albums, down to the smallest details. Here are a few samples of Diederik Nomden in action with the Analogues:

Mother Nature's Son

She's Leaving Home

(At some point, I imagine that some of the videos I have shared will get removed. If that does happen, my apologies for any dead links here).

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