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YouTube's Rick Beato (and how he reminds me of SteveW)
29-Sep-2022 18:02:13

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29-Jan-2023 16:50:40

I enjoy reading the posts of SteveW. Being knowledgeable about music, SteveW often points out intricacies of the Corrs' and others' music that others like myself might not immediately notice, even after many listens. As such, he offers a lot of interest to the Corrs Club. In that regard he reminds me of a chap named Rick Beato, an accomplished musician and producer, who has a successful YouTube music appreciation channel. I stumbled across his channel and have subscribed, since he gets into a lot of fascinating discussions about many aspects of music, from music theory to his thoughts on the current state of pop music.

One of my favourite features of his YouTube channel is an ongoing series called What Makes This Song Great. It's fascinating to hear him talk about details of one might not notice immediately. The first such episode of this series that I happened to watch was about "If You Could Read My Mind" by Gordon Lightfoot, a song released in 1970 that I consider to be a masterwork of production:

Here's another video that I enjoyed about Elton John's "Rocket Man":

He's made scores of such videos, and he has other videos as well in which he explores chord progressions in popular music in addition to other kinds of music such as jazz, and he discusses things such as the impact of Johann Sebastian Bach on the music of Sting (he actually has an in-depth interview of Sting, along with interviews other greats such as Brian May and Peter Frampton). It's good stuff!

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