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21-Oct-2023 08:56:01

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19-Jul-2024 05:53:15

Bertolf was recently the topic of Bertolf in Bluegrass a documentary film covering his early affinity to the genre through his father and his 2021 visit to Nashville, Tennessee to record a Bluegrass studio album (which he ultimately called Bluefinger) with an elite "dream team" of Bluegrass stars that included Jerry Douglas; Stuart Duncan; Mark Schatz; David Benedict; and Wes Corbett. Being a fan of Bertolf, I found it fascinating to watch, with the added benefit of a vast amount of it being in English.

If this embed does not work, then I found the documentary here: (I'm not sure how long these links will remain viable)

Though I grew up listening to the early Eagles albums when Bernie Leadon was still a member of the band, I did not start getting into Bluegrass music proper until a CorrBoard member ("Firefly") started educating me about the music and its bright lights such as Alison Krauss and her accompanying band Union Station; Sierra Hull and Sarah Jarosz. Another fellow music fan sent me the Alison Krauss live album recorded in Louisville, Kentucky, and I got hooked. Bertolf's dad brought him up listening to and playing Bluegrass and, as a result, in this film he was getting to work with some of the heroes of his youth.

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