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Toss the Feathers by Caroline Adomeit, violin
13-Apr-2024 07:19:29

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14-Jul-2024 07:31:52

Through YouTube suggested videos, I recently stumbled upon the music of Caroline Adomeit a classical crossover violinist from an "English-German family of musicians" who has released an album with a version- of "Toss the Feathers." This video below shows her performing "Toss the Feathers" live.

I checked her website ( bio and noted that she was the last student of the late great Dutch violinist Herman Krebbers (1923-2018); I have the Beethoven and Brahms violin concertos in which Krebbers solos with the Concertgebouw Orchestra under Bernard Haitink. I would imagine that she has to be very talented to be afforded such an opportunity. I don't know too much about her, but - based on what I read - she not only performs classical, pop, Latin and jazz music, but she also teaches violin in Germany and arranges music. As far as I can tell, she arranged this violin and piano version of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" (this video uploaded during that craziest of times in April 2020):

Due in part to the COVID nightmare but, more profoundly, the devastating death of her mother with whom she was very close, she has been relatively quiet lately. She has a Patreon page: Most of her releases on her own label are digital-only presently, but she has released some physical product in the past.

A video she uploaded in 2014 of the Skye Boat Song (her own version of the Scottish lullaby):

I hope that times will get better for musicians like her, having experienced grief. It's good to support hard-working musicians when we can. This Corrs Club OT Board is a good place to do it, and I encourage other members of this forum to do the same!

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