Message thread:
MentariS - Lyrics and Writers Discussion (my longest post here so far...I think?) 12-Oct-2015 19:27:05
OsamaRaashid - My thoughts 12-Oct-2015 20:20:47
MentariS - Thanks for posting those two articles Osama! Indeed, their attitudes regarding the matter are nicely reflected... 13-Oct-2015 16:03:13
OsamaRaashid - Heaven Knows dates back to the early pre-FNF era, right? 13-Oct-2015 19:57:14
SteveW - Closer and Runaway 13-Oct-2015 22:32:48
MentariS - I don't see too many similarities in the lyrics of Runaway and Closer, actually... 14-Oct-2015 16:34:10
SteveW - Closer and Runaway 13-Oct-2015 22:32:50
SteveW - Whoops, not sure why that posted twice; ignore the second one (n/t) 13-Oct-2015 22:35:00
MentariS - A lot of songs in FNF use 'heavy' and 'raw' lines, except maybe Runaway and Love To Love You 14-Oct-2015 16:19:40
BallerinaTay - I always thought Heaven Knows 14-Oct-2015 19:16:42
MentariS - It does sound like something Andrea would write, come to think of it 15-Oct-2015 06:07:02
commonwombat - With regards to the "who did what"; the answers could most likely be mixed ones 14-Oct-2015 07:53:04
MentariS - AFAIK, plenty of songs from In Blue are also results of collaboration between Andrea and one of her siblings 14-Oct-2015 15:22:17
MC - I'm almost positive that Hurt Before was written by Andrea. (n/t) 15-Oct-2015 10:38:44
SteveW - Hurt Before and Borrowed Heaven 15-Oct-2015 12:25:31
MentariS - I never read her talking about Hurt Before until you posted that...brings a whole new appreciation for the song! 15-Oct-2015 19:34:53
Cristina - The songs about Jean.... 13-Oct-2015 05:45:16
MentariS - Indeed Sharon is significantly more sceptical than Andrea when it comes to religious matters including life and death... 13-Oct-2015 16:07:30
commonwombat - Different people, even from the same family, may have differing perspectives on issues due to age gaps and seeing things 13-Oct-2015 18:50:25
Nabil - I appreciate this contextualization! To continue the armchair analysis of the Corrs, Andrea may seem more religious but 14-Oct-2015 02:56:15
MentariS - Precisely! IMHO, Sharon didn't really start exploring this particular theme until TSS... 14-Oct-2015 14:58:50
SteveW - Great thread on lyrics 13-Oct-2015 21:08:53
SteveW - Speaking of lyrics, what is Lifting Me about? 13-Oct-2015 21:55:07
MikeFromMelbourne - I've spent endless hours trying to understand the lyrics to Lifting Me haha :) 14-Oct-2015 03:45:43
OsamaRaashid - Lifting Me 14-Oct-2015 11:47:07
MentariS - My thoughts on Lifting Me (btw...great interpretations everyone!) 14-Oct-2015 15:38:33
IrishHeart - Lifting me 14-Oct-2015 21:23:39
nightcat - I got nothing to add here, but I just wanna say I'm loving this discussion. 15-Oct-2015 07:52:33

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