Message thread:
M-Corr - Update on the New Album….. 30-Oct-2016 17:04:53
Leslie - Interesting. (n/t) 30-Oct-2016 20:50:00
MentariS - I wonder what direction they are going for with Album No. 7... 31-Oct-2016 01:48:57
MC - But don't forget, T-Bone Burnett has had a lot of success. 31-Oct-2016 04:32:53
MC - If it's true, I'd love to hear what T-Bone would do with their sound. Very interesting. (n/t) 31-Oct-2016 04:25:09
SteveW - Intriguing... thanks for posting this! (n/t) 31-Oct-2016 07:32:45
Corranga - Great to see they are continuing with thr traditions of their recent albums and working with another producer 31-Oct-2016 10:04:46
DrFunkenstein - "World" tour? Ha! (n/t) 31-Oct-2016 12:52:13
Sergio - First it sounds as a wise choice. I would not think we can expect something really weird... 31-Oct-2016 13:58:36
Sergio - Oops...just found out that Grace Potter actually scrapped all the sessions made with 31-Oct-2016 14:20:54
SeanCorrain - T Bone is GREAT ! 31-Oct-2016 19:32:11
Jerry - There's a new book out about T Bone 31-Oct-2016 19:57:21
Jerry - A better link and a speech he gave recently 31-Oct-2016 20:07:33
Wendy - Exciting! He's produced the Punch Brothers and music on first series of Nashville 08-Nov-2016 00:09:00
DutchDenise - Really curious and expecting a stripped down album 09-Nov-2016 15:16:28
dave - Well I guess its all completed and waiting for release? Latest Instagram posts 17-Nov-2016 11:41:17
MC - It's possible, but I guess it's also possible that they're waiting to move on to the next step. We don't know for sure 18-Nov-2016 10:44:21

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