Message thread:
Yrisea - board project : cover song - chose a song 19-Jul-2017 15:13:24
BallerinaTay - I can sing if you need more vocals. 19-Jul-2017 17:10:44
Corranga - I guess I could also do vocals as I don't play anything and would like to take part. (n/t) 21-Jul-2017 14:51:26
Nyxlapsi - Great idea ! 21-Jul-2017 18:23:34
Yrisea - Mash up idea is great !.... 21-Jul-2017 20:26:38
SteveW - We seem to have a lot of tin whistles but not many other instruments 21-Jul-2017 21:37:45
Yrisea - I love the idea for mystery of you ! 22-Jul-2017 08:30:43
SteveW - I can supply a lead sheet (chords and melody) for Mystery of You if we want to try that 22-Jul-2017 09:39:18
Nyxlapsi - Although I really like the idea, wouldn't it be best to start with something a tad less ambitious? :P (n/t) 22-Jul-2017 12:53:01
Robin - All sounds great. Whilst I would like to take part I don't play anything and my singing would most definitely ruin any 22-Jul-2017 13:23:08
Nyxlapsi - (says the guy who suggested a mash up LMAO) (n/t) 22-Jul-2017 14:40:43
MentariS - A Corrs mash up is actually pretty do-able (examples in the post): 22-Jul-2017 16:53:29
Terry2 - Cover Song 23-Jul-2017 15:33:13
Wendy - Great, guitar! Thanks Terry! 24-Jul-2017 00:43:50
Yrisea - Anyone on the board plays the violin ? (n/t) 22-Jul-2017 18:04:43
Wendy - I vote 1: Harmony 2: Forgiven Not Forgotten 23-Jul-2017 13:19:32
Yrisea - Wendy thanks a lot:)) 23-Jul-2017 13:35:52
BallerinaTay - These are great choices! 23-Jul-2017 16:27:40
SteveW - I'd be up for giving Harmony a shot, or any of the other suggested songs 23-Jul-2017 17:45:08
Yrisea - Harmony is fairly simple on the drums. I'll give it a try next week. (n/t) 23-Jul-2017 22:07:44
Wendy - Harmony, adding effects, FNF, Runaway 24-Jul-2017 01:14:29
Yrisea - I'll have a session in studio later this week just to record a first draft of all three songs on the drums 24-Jul-2017 11:38:44
SteveW - It would be useful to have a place for people to post mp3s without needing an account 25-Jul-2017 08:55:49
Wendy - Good plan! And, project management software... 25-Jul-2017 10:08:58
Corranga - It would be nice, of course if the creators don't mind, to put the music / tabs etc. somewhere for others to try to play 25-Jul-2017 13:05:40
SteveW - I'm apparently the last person in the world not on Facebook 25-Jul-2017 14:07:37
yrisea - I'm not on facebook either. :) 25-Jul-2017 16:52:44
Terry2 - Song recording 25-Jul-2017 18:51:53
Wendy - Communication tools/recording/mixing 26-Jul-2017 01:34:35
SteveW - Your library has a *recording studio* you can use? Wow, I want to move to Australia! (n/t) 26-Jul-2017 03:33:48
Wendy - Yeah it's insanely good that we have it! 26-Jul-2017 05:21:55
Terry2 - Tune evolution 26-Jul-2017 13:07:17
Corranga - We could use here for communication - or the OT board - its not like its busy!! :) (n/t) 26-Jul-2017 09:22:11
SteveW - Using the board works fine for me -- it's easier for me not to have to learn/install another system 26-Jul-2017 09:31:14
Corranga - Almost related question Steve - is your lack of accounts down to your views on data privacy perhaps through your use of 26-Jul-2017 12:06:21
SteveW - Nothing to do with privacy/security -- I'm just kind of low-tech 26-Jul-2017 12:38:52

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