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MentariS - Just a thought - could any of the board members going to the RAH gig request a meet-and-greet for The Corrs Club? 26-Sep-2017 17:54:02
Yrisea - I have no idea how the band sees the board... 26-Sep-2017 18:08:18
sergio - Sharon quite frequently responds to fans on her instagram account or likes fan's posts. I think they are well aware of 26-Sep-2017 21:21:10
Yrisea - I'm not sure I would enjoy a flood of feedback or criticism- however well meaning they are... 26-Sep-2017 21:42:27
sergio - yeah, I've heard about that. It was after the Ischgl or Geneva gig. really weird... (n/t) 26-Sep-2017 22:06:46
MentariS - Exactly. The band is well known for responding to fans on Instagram - should be indication that they take a more... 27-Sep-2017 01:31:17
commonwombat - With regards to the netbase, I think we have a mixed bag as regards interaction and taking note of what's been said 28-Sep-2017 02:34:02
Cara - They were asked to do a m&g to say "hello" t the board etc. during the WL tour but it didn't happen. 26-Sep-2017 21:41:48
Yrisea - I'm thinking of investing in a nice CorrsClub t-shirt for the RAH.could be a good occasion :D... 26-Sep-2017 22:12:01
Cara - :-) I haven't checked in the links for a while - please let me know if it doesn't work for you! (n/t) 26-Sep-2017 22:56:57
Yrisea - Will definitely do! thank you cara :) (n/t) 27-Sep-2017 10:06:58
MentariS - Guess it was the former, Cara - they didn't seem to hold any M&G at all for that particular gig 27-Sep-2017 01:19:25

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