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MentariS - "S.O.S...someone help..." 28-Sep-2017 11:19:40
corrsgirl1 - I love the music and think it's a much better single than Son of Solomon would be cause it's more catchy 28-Sep-2017 11:22:11
shyart - Yes, a very good song! 28-Sep-2017 11:22:34
GreenViolin - I love it! Love the solo, love that we can listen to Jim singing back vocals at some point as well. =) (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 11:23:46
mikeyCF - SoS 28-Sep-2017 11:24:48
MentariS - Quick impression: This is very much The Corrs, only with a touch of 2017 28-Sep-2017 11:26:18
Yrisea - It was freaking amazing!! 28-Sep-2017 11:28:53
MentariS - Listen again to the sample here: 28-Sep-2017 11:33:16
OsamaRaashid - Thanks for that. I missed it unfortunately. Summer time threw me off again :-D 28-Sep-2017 11:47:09
GreenViolin - That brief moment when Shaz and Jim sing backing vocals together... sooo FNF! S2 (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 11:49:34
Yrisea - Ouh YEAH it is !!!! :) man I'm so excited, this was good, really good. chorus is stuck in my head! (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 11:51:08
cedic - I liked it, but 28-Sep-2017 11:35:39
mikeyCF - listen to SoS again 28-Sep-2017 11:55:41
corrsgirl1 - Haha I just did the same thing. I really love the song. Not sure about the chorus yet but the rest <3<3 (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 11:58:30
Jackie21 - Very catchy song.. have to listen more :-) 28-Sep-2017 12:08:26
MentariS - I'm eternally grateful she still remembers her Twitter password! Also, she's updated her details! (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 12:31:38
OsamaRaashid - Of course. Its already available on YT. Quite catchy indeed. Loved it (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 12:04:36
GaelleF - I didn't like it. Way too simple, repetitive... I'm unhappily surprised... I didn't enjoy SofS much but at least it 28-Sep-2017 14:57:37
SteveW - GaelleF, I kind of feel the same way 28-Sep-2017 15:14:17
Sergio - I agree with you. I dont know if its the rhythm but it sounds a bit outdated to me. A bit 80s pop song. 28-Sep-2017 17:06:32
cedic - Have to agree with this after a few more listens 28-Sep-2017 17:27:34
MentariS - In general I too prefer Son of Solomon, but SOS is a much better single material (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 17:44:08
CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - completly agree. "politically outspoken and evocative" song to date" 28-Sep-2017 20:41:44
SteveW - Quick first impressions 28-Sep-2017 12:04:35
Yrisea - Andrea will struggle to sing this one, big time... 28-Sep-2017 16:15:12
MentariS - Let's see how she will go with this one. Early on in the WL era she also struggled performing BOTN, but nailed it... 28-Sep-2017 16:32:46
Servantez - This is their worst song to date. Dullest chorus ever. (n/t) 28-Sep-2017 17:45:41
Nabil - On their sound for this new album 28-Sep-2017 19:03:11
Nabil - Sorry, accidentally pressed send too early on previous post 28-Sep-2017 19:10:10
Servantez - This is the second song off the album that sound like it's being played to me from behind the wall. 28-Sep-2017 19:33:18
sergio - When listening to it on Itunes in a proper quality it is way more exciting... After hearing two tracks 28-Sep-2017 20:20:07
Yrisea - I have a hard time identifying where this remark of muffled sound comes from? 29-Sep-2017 12:13:58
cedic - Yes, that's a risk of working with a producer along the lines of T Bone Burnett 28-Sep-2017 21:55:08
BallerinaTay - My thoughts so far on both SofS and SOS. 29-Sep-2017 03:58:35
Yrisea - the video is certainly not the best source for quality... 29-Sep-2017 08:32:17
SteveW - SOS chorus 29-Sep-2017 08:46:44
Sergio - Very good points Steve! You seem to be always in line with my impressions!:) (n/t) 29-Sep-2017 09:29:15
Yrisea - The chrorus definitely falls flat which is a shame... 29-Sep-2017 09:33:52
Ferrinho - Am I the only one that prefers SofS to SOS? 29-Sep-2017 12:52:19
Yrisea - Now that you mention it... 29-Sep-2017 13:10:06
SteveW - I definitely prefer SofS to SOS! (n/t) 29-Sep-2017 13:18:22

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