Message thread:
dave - Anyone in UK received their tickets yet from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, 02-Oct-2017 15:42:20
Corranga - I'm not sure. I'm not at home at the moment, but saw someone on one of the social networks post 02-Oct-2017 17:55:07
Yrisea - Not yet :( (n/t) 02-Oct-2017 18:05:28
dave - Yes, that prompted me to ask here. Maybe that person picked them up from RAH. (n/t) 02-Oct-2017 19:07:25
den - No but I ordered a parking ticket direct from RAH and it came the next day (n/t) 04-Oct-2017 21:41:19
Corranga - Our parking ticket only just arrived! (n/t) 05-Oct-2017 09:02:57
Corranga - Got home yesterday, and ticket hasn't arrived yet. (n/t) 05-Oct-2017 09:03:26
dave - If its like White Light, they only send them out a few days before. Darned annoying 05-Oct-2017 20:36:02

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