Message thread:
dave - Just got the RAH newsletter email. If you believe their chart, there are only 30 seats 05-Oct-2017 20:30:54
CorrMac - Just checked ... 05-Oct-2017 22:20:49
Corranga - GetMeIn and Viagogo are resellers, so those tickets are already sold so to speak. I guess that 06-Oct-2017 08:51:56
dave - The figure of 6000 seats I recalled from an old Chieftains video. Their manager 06-Oct-2017 09:37:27
Corranga - A little bit of Irish exaggeration in there from the Chieftains perhaps :) It has a capacity of up to 5,272 seats 06-Oct-2017 12:40:34
dave - I guess so Chris.. (n/t) 06-Oct-2017 13:03:44
Yrisea - about ticket resell 06-Oct-2017 16:03:50

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