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Robin - After two years of correspondence with the department for culture and media about ticketing issues I have finally given 07-Oct-2017 12:59:10
dave - Best way is probably directly to John Hughes, he was at a couple of the WL gigs. 07-Oct-2017 14:49:34
Mark - When the Rolling Stones played at a small club in NYC... 07-Oct-2017 15:17:54
Corranga - The biggest issues in ID checking is simply that those who loose out are those who have already paid a tout 07-Oct-2017 15:34:42
chris1957 - Tickets 08-Oct-2017 05:22:43
CSCfan - Lots of kudos to you for trying Robin. It's definately an unfair business, with no short-term solution... 07-Oct-2017 17:27:51
Robin - Thanks for all your comments, really appreciated. (n/t) 07-Oct-2017 18:23:33
dave - As you say Mathias, that will be a huge logistical problem, I guess its a seated venue. 07-Oct-2017 19:07:22
Yrisea - I'd definitely try Jim through Twitter... 07-Oct-2017 19:01:21
den - You could ask Boris! (n/t) 07-Oct-2017 22:21:13
M-Corr - Test 16-Mar-2019 21:52:14
M-Corr - Test 2 16-Mar-2019 21:53:24

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