Message thread:
MentariS - SOS is BBC Radio 2’s Record of the Week: 07-Oct-2017 11:29:40
CorrMac - Pleasantly surprised, especially since SOS is on their "B" list ... 07-Oct-2017 21:37:46
cedic - UK album chart position 07-Oct-2017 23:25:34
MentariS - As for direct competition, I’m quite sure it will be way below all the names you mentioned (n/t) 08-Oct-2017 09:37:07
cedic - Maybe I'm just feeling more optimistic 08-Oct-2017 14:00:52
Eduardo - WL chart run in UK was surprisingly good 09-Oct-2017 02:30:46
Yrisea - Well deserved. This is a good song indeed. I'm not surprised :-) 08-Oct-2017 10:11:56
Corranga - Lisa Tarbuck played it yesterday on the Michall Ball show 09-Oct-2017 11:18:24
Corranga - Gary Davies (sitting in for Steve Wright) just played it too 10 minutes ago and mentioned the album being released next 09-Oct-2017 15:16:40
chris1957 - Sos 23-Oct-2017 17:22:13

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