Message thread:
SeanCorrain - Just Pre-Ordered my copy of Jupiter Calling From 10-Oct-2017 15:50:10
Corranga - Amazon are very good at selling the same item for different prices in different regions 11-Oct-2017 08:53:07
SeanCorrain - That would be pretty awesome if the record goes down in price with Amazon price Guarantee 11-Oct-2017 15:42:54
Yrisea - or even a lesser price in store :-/... (n/t) 11-Oct-2017 22:41:30
MentariS - I’ve also pre-ordered mine from Amazon UK 11-Oct-2017 14:26:43
SeanCorrain - Me too ! I feel accomplished and excited. 11-Oct-2017 15:40:30
Corranga - I love that it's being released on vinyl. Even if you never play them, the sleeve in a 12 inch square is great for 12-Oct-2017 12:16:42

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